Private Client Funds Management

How We Work

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Pacific Wealth Creators provides service the way it should be. It is client-centred. We like to make the whole investment process straightforward and pleasurable for you. We take time to discuss your investments. Answer your questions. We genuinely care about you and cultivating an enduring relationship.

If you’re considering investing with us, we suggest you first read our brochure. Contact us and we’ll send you a copy. If our approach and what we offer resonate with you, we meet in person or talk on the phone.

At our first meeting, we discuss your situation, what you want to achieve and the likely sum you wish to invest. The minimum is NZ$300,000 and existing clients range from this figure to millions under management.

We explain how we work and answer any questions you might have. You’ll find us open and keen to share our knowledge with you.


It’s part of our mission to educate (in some cases, re-educate!) clients in the art of sensible, disciplined investing. 

Investing is an activity that should be a part of one’s life journey and we hope to have you as a client for life.

We create an investment portfolio for you in your name. It will be held with a custodian so you can be assured your money and investments are safe. 

The amount of contact we have is really up to you. Most clients like to catch up yearly.

We produce quarterly and annual reports as defined by the regulations governing the finance industry. We also provide commentary in our report at the half-year. We explain how the companies we’ve invested in are performing and anything else we think you should know. This keeps you engaged and informed.

If you’d like to talk about how we can help you protect and grow your wealth, please contact us.


You will be part of a global family that genuinely cares about you. A refreshing change to dealing with big impersonal investment houses with ever-changing ‘relationship managers’ who treat you as ‘just another client’.