Private Client Funds Management


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Pacific Wealth Creators specialises in managing the equity portfolios of high net worth individuals. When you entrust your funds with us you can be assured of our excellent returns record, personal service and a high standard of ethics and accountability in everything we do. 

You’ll find our approach refreshingly different from that of the bigger players. For a start your key contact will be James Clague, the person making the decisions about where your funds, and his, will be invested. You won’t be assigned an adviser or sales person for whom you’re ‘just another client’ as is common in larger firms. James Clague genuinely cares about you and your money under management.


Receive higher returns on investments.

Our goal has always been to outperform the market average and we have. To the year ending March 31st 2018, we delivered an average client portfolio return of 13.0%. For the past 15 years, the average has been 10.4% and during this period we had to weather the Global Financial Crisis. 

We do our own research.

All investment decisions we make are backed by our own in-house research. Security analysis and company research are at the heart of our value-investing approach. We don’t outsource our research like many other firms. We’re very hands-on, making sure we hold excellent companies as investments. This lowers risk by providing protection against market turmoil.

We treat your money as if it’s our own.

Where possible, we invest our money in the same companies we handpick for clients. That’s how much faith we have in our own decision-making. We feel a deep responsibility to safeguard and grow our client’s wealth and the best way to achieve this is for us to ‘walk the same path’.


Your money is held in your name.

A real point of difference is that your portfolio is held with a custodian in your own name. This adds yet another level of transparency and security and enables you to monitor the investments you directly own.

We prioritise stability over change.

While we’re always looking at better ways to do things, we don’t mess with what works. The value approach is proven and has served us and our clients well over the past 18 years so we don’t waiver from it. Investing in quality companies lowers risk by providing protection when the market behaves erratically. It’s essential to be patient and diligent to achieve good outcomes.

We speak your language.

Our industry can be confusing so we like to use language our clients can understand. Even our largest and long-standing clients find jargon and theory difficult to grasp. We adapt our language to suit the financial literacy of the person we’re speaking to. As we see it, it’s your money and we owe you that respect.

No large buildings, no large egos.

We’re a lean operation. Keeping costs down helps drive healthier returns for our clients. We’re not pushy. We don’t seek headlines. The growth of your funds and your satisfaction with our service are all that matter to us.

We are transparent.

You will find us open and honest. We keep you informed and share our knowledge. We want you to feel empowered and enjoy your investment journey with us.


By partnering with us, you will likely have better returns and potentially save significant money every year in fees and costs.